History & Staff

We have years of experience caring for families, from all walks of life. Each family comes to us because they know we are leaders in our profession, dedicated to excellence in service, and have the highest integrity.

Our History

11 Years of Service

McClam Funeral Home has been operating since April 2000 with the first location in New Britain, CT. We relocated to the City of New Haven in August 2001. The Lord have given us a gift of caring, compassion and warmth. As children at the tender age of 7 we knew then that our lives would be for the services of God and his people. We always knew that we would be in the Funeral Service field. When someone looses a loved one the first thing that they need is someone they can trust. A funeral home that treats everyone with dignity and respect will always do what's best for the families, and hold up a high standard of professionalism. That's who we are here at McClam.

Thank you to all that helped us. To our sisters Shawneequa Randall and Sheena McClam, Attorney Erskine D. McIntosh, Business Advisor Gerald Clark, Account Melvin Miller, Pastor Martha Green and St. Mary's Church Family the first family we served, Rev. Dr. Bosie Kimber and the First Calvary Church Family, Rev Glenn Reynolds and Mennonite Bible Fellowship Church Family, Bishop Vincent Smith and the Morning Star Church, Bishop Reginald Roberts of GA, Mr. Leroy Williams our Wilbur Cross High School Administrator and our Aunt Dollie Fuller, our second parents Annie and Jessie Pender, NC., and all our family. Our Funeral Chapels have been dedicated to our grandmother the late Lelia Flax and our aunt the late Jessie Owens, we appreciate each and every one of you. 

Our Valued Staff

Darrell L McClam

Darrell L McClam, Owner, Manager of Daily Operations, LFD

Darrell L.McClam was born in New Haven, CT in 1972 to Bishop Lethenial and Mary W.McClam. He was educated in New HavenSchool System. He has a Degree inApplied Science from Briarwood College and is a Licensed Funeral Director. He is owner of McClam Funeral Home a prominent member of the community and the first African American Board Memberfor the State of Connecticut Funeral Directors and Embalmers board. Darrell is a third generation preacher along with his brother and sister Elder Darnell A. McClam and Evangelist Shawneeque McClam. Darrell is an ordained minister with the Unified Freewill Baptist Church as an Elder. He is a member of the New Haven Clergy Association and a Community Activist. Darrell plans to further his education and biblical studies were he wants to receive his Masters of Divinity. He is a member of Widows son lodge #1F & A.M PHA brother. He also served as the worshipful master there for many years. He is also a 32nd degree mason and consistory. He also spreads the gospel by being a renowned gospel artist, you can subscribe to our YouTube page ‘McClam Twins’ to follow the music. He is the father of three children Tatiana, Diante’ and Darjahne McClam. Darrellis the Co-Pastor of Union Disciple Free Will Baptist Church located at 1025Dixwell Avenue in Hamden, CT under the leadership of Bishop Lethenial McClam.

You can find us on [email protected] Union Disciple FWB Church
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Church Phone Number: (203) 562-6987

Lethenial  McClam

Lethenial McClam, Owner, President

Mary W. McClam

Mary W. McClam, Owner, Vice President

Darnell A McClam

Darnell A McClam